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What We Do
Assess Your Office Space Needs: With no obligation to you, we will conduct an assessment of your existing office space conditions and help you to determine your future space needs. 

Locate Quality Available Space: We will provide you with a survey of available space, review your options and show you those spaces that meet your space needs. 

Negotiate New Lease Terms: Lease negotiations are complex.  Negotiating leases and understanding current market conditions is our business. It is not just about base rental rates, it is about your overall financial exposure. 

Renegotiate An Existing Lease: If you are satisfied with your current location, we can represent you in renegotiating a lease extension.  It is important to remember, a landlord and their agent will always put their interests in front of yours.

Dispose of Excess Space: If you need to dispose of all or a portion of your office space, we can help you to locate a suitable and reputable subtenant, or negotiate a giveback to the owner.

Offer Value Added Service: As part of our service to our customers, we will help you assemble the right team of  legal, design and construction professionals to ensure the transaction is completed in a timely and cost effective manner.